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Five Best Books that Take Place During a War

6 Jun

Cassandra at Indie Reader Houston hosts a weekly “Best Five” list.  This week’s theme, Books that Take Place During a War, threw me for a loop at first.  But I’m excited to sort out my thoughts and create my list!  You should check out her blog, and the top five lists.  They’re very fun!

I don’t  often read historical fiction.  War stories aren’t of much interest to me.  However, I found a way to make this list work for me!

1) The Diary of Anne Frank is the very first book that came to mind.  When I read this book in high school, I was taken by the fact that Anne’s life didn’t revolve around the war.  The book was literally about a young girl’s life, not about a war.  That’s what made it so impactful.

2) The Keep, by F. Paul Wilson is a fictional book about Nazis and vampires.  When an SS squad take over a castle, something starts hunting them down, one by one.  The only person who can help them is a Jewish man.  It’s an intriguing premise, very creepy, and vampires kill Nazis.

3) Gone with the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell, isn’t a book I really enjoyed.  Still, it’s epic, and I love that it has a Southern perspective of the Civil War.

4)Number the Stars, by Lois Lowry, is another gem set during World War II.  It seems as though, of the war books that I do read, I lean toward World War II.  This book reminds me a bit of Anne Frank’s diary, except a fictional read.

5) I’m going to cheat with the last one and choose World War Z, by Max Brooks.  This is a very interesting book about a futuristic war against zombies.  It’s written as though the author interviewed various survivors of the war to create a documentary.