I’m still here

6 Sep

It’s been a crazy month.  That being said, I’m still reading and will hopefully have any number of reviews coming soon.  Things I’ve been working on include:

Eat Pray Love
Anyone else sick of previews of Julia Roberts declaring, “This is my no carb left behind experiment!”?  This is not my normal book preference, and I doubt I would enjoy the movie.  However, a friend physically put the book in my hands as if there were no question I would read it.  I’m almost done but had to take a break because…

came out in the midst of my craziest time of year.  Still, I stayed up a couple of nights to finish this trilogy.  I’m still digesting this book; not sure yet how I feel about it.  Also, many friends haven’t read it yet so I’ll be waiting.  I think this will be a difficult review to write.

Time Traveler’s Wife
I read this about six months ago.  Now, as I catch this movie (movies are never as good as the book but I’m often fascinated) I think I’m going to be reviewing the book.  Also, I really like this author and will soon be reading Her Fearful Symmetry.  (It’s on the list at least.)


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