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The Time Traveler’s Wife, by Audrey Niffenegger

11 Sep

“It comes out so quietly that I have to ask her to repeat it: “It’s just that I thought maybe you were married to me.”


Told through both Clare and Henry’s point of view, this is a “timeless” love story quite literally.  Clare met Henry when she was seven; Henry met Clare when she was an adult.  If that last sentence seems confusing, it’s just a taste.  Henry struggles with what he calls “chrono displacement disorder,” and often finds himself shooting through time.  He reappears, either in the past or in the future, not sure of his location and sporting only his bathing suit.  This, needless to say, makes his relationship with Clare a bit complicated.

But isn’t every relationship complicated?  I think that’s the point here.  While every couple has its share of issues, this issue is supernatural.  That doesn’t change how they deal with it.  Clare and Henry have a very real love, made more real by the trials and tribulations caused by time travel.  Since occasionally Clare gives us her point of view, and occasionally Henry tells us his, we never doubt the love between them.  We do, however, see the secrets they don’t share with each other.

What really impressed me about this novel is its beautiful writing.  I learned that Audrey Niffenegger is an artist.  This shows in her writing; she turns words into paint and lays them gently on the page until the story comes to life.  While I was occasionally confused about where and when each scene began, I was constantly intrigued by this story.  I found it warm, heartfelt, and, pardon the repetition, beautiful.

I’m very excited to read the author’s second book, Her Fearful Symmetry.  Five Stars.


PS: I saw the movie, and it just seemed pointless.  I don’t know if I would have felt that way had I not read the book, but regardless, read the book.  Don’t bother with the movie.


What do you think?

8 Sep

As I look at my current list of books of interest, there is definitely a trend.  Most books I’ve been reading are either now, or soon to be, movies.  I often see these movies, even though the book is almost always better.  So I wonder how internetland feels about this trend.

What do you think about movies made out of books?

I’m still here

6 Sep

It’s been a crazy month.  That being said, I’m still reading and will hopefully have any number of reviews coming soon.  Things I’ve been working on include:

Eat Pray Love
Anyone else sick of previews of Julia Roberts declaring, “This is my no carb left behind experiment!”?  This is not my normal book preference, and I doubt I would enjoy the movie.  However, a friend physically put the book in my hands as if there were no question I would read it.  I’m almost done but had to take a break because…

came out in the midst of my craziest time of year.  Still, I stayed up a couple of nights to finish this trilogy.  I’m still digesting this book; not sure yet how I feel about it.  Also, many friends haven’t read it yet so I’ll be waiting.  I think this will be a difficult review to write.

Time Traveler’s Wife
I read this about six months ago.  Now, as I catch this movie (movies are never as good as the book but I’m often fascinated) I think I’m going to be reviewing the book.  Also, I really like this author and will soon be reading Her Fearful Symmetry.  (It’s on the list at least.)