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Catching Fire, by Suzanne Collins

8 Aug

This book cannot possibly be reviewed without some spoilers for The Hunger Games.  If you haven’t read that yet, DON’T READ CATCHING FIRE!  Also, read it.  Then you can read my review 😮

Catching Fire cover“He embraces me, enfolding me in the smell of blood and roses, and plants a puffy kiss on my cheek.  When he pulls back, his fingers digging into my arms, his face smiling into mine, I dare to raise my eyebrows.  They ask what my lips can’t. ‘Did I do it?  Was it enough?’  In answer, he gives an almost imperceptible shake of his head.”

It’s a miracle that Katniss and Peeta both survived the Hunger Games together.  It’s the talk of the Capitol; they’ve become instant celebrities.  Kat can’t seem to really figure out why she did what she did to save Peeta.  She doesn’t really have time to figure it out.  Her adoring fans believe that she did it purely out of love, and the President is convinced she did it as an act of rebellion against the Capitol.  Reality doesn’t seem to matter too much though because Kat has the distinct feeling that she is in even more danger than she was in the arena.

There’s more to this book…So much more, including a love triangle, violence, and many, many mind games.  I personally loved Catching Fire even more than The Hunger Games.  Reading it for a second time what even better.  Kat is both artful and childlike.  She  is bold and brave at one moment and cowering the next.  I am very fascinated at the contradictions in this character.  It is made even more interesting because she must always be one person for the public while protecting her real thoughts and feelings.

Duality plays a very important part in both of these books.  There is always reality according to the public, and reality according to Kat.  Since we see everything through Kat’s eyes, it is our job as the reader to interpret where the real truth lies.  Five stars, no doubt.  Mockingjay comes out in just over two weeks.  I suggest timing it perfectly so you won’t have to wait the full year for the conclusion like I do!