The Mercy of Thin Air, by Ronlyn Domingue

20 Jul

The Mercy of Thin Air “Why, it beats so I can love you.”

Young Razi Nolan is at the cusp of a life-changing decision when she dies suddenly at the age of 22 in 1929.  Now, as a ghost, Razi has access to all of her life memories, as clearly as if they all happened yesterday.  After all, time no longer has much meaning.  Razi shares her memories, centering on life as a young woman in love in the 1920s.  Razi intertwines her story with the story of the young, modern-day couple with whom she now “haunts.”  While Razi gathers hints and learns more about the couple she is living with, they are doing the same.  The result is a hint of mystery that keeps everything moving with a forward momentum.  We are also given two passionate love stories made real with challenges and pitfalls along the way.

I loved the patchwork story telling in this novel.  I learned about New Orleans in the 1920s and the book has motivated me to learn more about the women of this era and how they fought for women’s rights.  The Mercy of Thin Air is, on the surface, a love story that brought me to tears several times.  It’s the mysticism, however, that makes it a stand-out read.  That love lasts beyond death is a touching theme.

I found this book a year ago for sale for a quarter at my hometown library.  Even though it was highly recommended by a friend, I just now got around to reading it.  I’m sorry I delayed.  I highly recommend this as a summer read. Five Star!


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